Admission fees

400 rubles / 250 rubles (seniors, students) / 100 rubles (school students aged 7–18) — a ticket for both venues of the Biennial (33B Vostochnaya St., 43 Lenin Ave.

* The ticket allows you to visit both exhibitions once (33B Vostochnaya St., 43 Lenin Ave.) in 14 days time period.
**Reduced fare tickets are available for purchase at the venues only.

250 rubles / 150 rubles (seniors, students) / 50 rubles (school students) — a ticket for the Coliseum Cinema


1/ Ural Optical-Mechanical Plant (33B Vostochnaya St.)

ID is required to enter the plant’s territory. Foreign citizens must register online five business days prior to the visit.

2/ Coliseum Cinema (43 Lenin Ave.)

Working hours of both venues

Tue — Sun: 12:00–21:00 (Ticket office at Ural Optical-Mechanical Plant working hours: 12:00–20:00)

Admission fees

150 rubles / 100 rubles (low rate ticket) — lectures, a lecture and a movie screening (without visiting the exhibition)

400 rubles / 200 rubles (low rate ticket) — Biennial Storytelling (admission with an exhibition ticket)

300 rubles / 250 rubles (low rate ticket) — 1,000 Years Together Performance Research Laboratory (without visiting the exhibition)

Free: artist talks, To Understand Contemporary Art lecture series, Death Cafe, readings (without visiting the exhibition) The cost of admission to music events will be announced separately (admission to the exhibition with a ticket for a music event is not provided).


Coliseum Cinema (43 Lenin Ave.)

Admission fees

2000 rubles — Unlimited visits to the main venues of the Biennial (Ural Optical-Mechanical Plant and the Coliseum Cinema) and events of the Public Program throughout the Biennial (12.09–01.12.2019)

Custom group tours at the time of your convenience

The tour can be booked online or by phone at least 2 days before the planned date of visit.

  • adults: entrance tickets to the exhibition + 500 rubles per group (up to 15 people, the duration of the tour is 1.5 hours);
  • for organized groups of visitors under 18 years of age, seniors, people with disabilities, socially unprotected groups of citizens: entrance tickets and a free tour if an accompanying letter from an organization is provided;
  • students may visit the Biennial and book tours at a low rate: a ticket - 250 rubles, a tour - 250 rubles per group (up to 15 people). For organized groups of students, admission and tour are free if an accompanying letter from the dean’s office is provided (the duration of the tour is 1.5 hours);
  • corporate tour (upon request from an enterprise): low rate tickets (300 rubles per person) + 1000 rubles per group (5 to 15 people, the duration of the tour is 2.5 hours).
Free tickets
1/ Free professional ticket (if a relevant document is provided):
  • members of creative organizations and unions, museum associations, including members of the Association of Art Critics, members of the Union of Artists, members and employees of the Russian Academy of Arts, members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), members of a specialized agency of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO ), members of the World Biennial Association;
  • employees of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and its subordinate institutions;
  • retired museum workers;
  • employees of the Ural Optical-Mechanical Plant.
2/ Free tickets for people with disabilities (upon showing an ID):
  • disabled people of all groups.
3/ Free tickets for military (upon showing an ID):
  • enlisted members of the military forces.
4/ Free tickets (upon showing an ID):
  • for participants of wars and war veterans, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory;
  • for seniors, once a month (every last Wednesday of the month and on the Elderly People Day, October 1, 2019);
  • for members of large families (every last Tuesday of the month);
  • for pupils of the Suvorov military schools and the Nakhimov naval schools (on Thursdays).
Refund Policy
  1. Refund of the cost of an electronic ticket with a specific date and time of visit. When applying for a refund less than a day before the event, the cost is not refunded.
  2. Refund of the cost of an electronic ticket with an open date. When applying for a refund, the expiration date of the ticket is considered the last day for a refund. To get a refund, the client should write an application addressed to the director of the center’s branch stating client’s full name, electronic ticket number, passport data, email address, and account number* of the bank card used the payment, a date of the order, and order value. The original unused ticket must also be attached to the application. To get a refund, the client must present an ID. Refunds will be made to the account indicated by the client in the application.
  3. The application must be sent by email at daryapozmogova@gmail.com or at the address: 620014, Ekaterinburg, 19A Dobrolyubova St., Ural branch of the State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO.
  4. Refunds are made in client’s name, to client’s bank card. Application processing time is 10 business days. Refunds are made to the client’s bank account within 5-30 business days (the period depends on the card’s issuing bank rules).

* Card number is not an account number. The account number should consist of twenty digits.

Details of the organization

Field of activity:
Exhibition, information and cultural and educational activities to popularize materials that reveal trends, strategies and trends in the development of art, including contemporary art, and the inclusion of citizens in cultural values.

The Ural branch of the State Museum and Exhibition Center "ROSIZO"
INN 7707039735
KPP 667143001
OGRN 1027700311650
Legal address:
620014, Ekaterinburg, ul. Dobrolyubova, 19A
Telephone: +7 (343) 289-91-31