Cristina Lucas

Cristina Lucas / b. 1973, Spain / lives and works in Madrid


The 5th Ural Biennial Main Project features the work:
“Clockwise” (360 clock mechanisms, 2016)
Courtesy of the artist

Working across many different media, Cristina Lucas dives into the political and economic structures of our time to reveal disjunctures of official story, personal history, and collective memory. The focus of her work ranges from the position of women, Western hegemony, and humankind’s ambition to control nature.

Lucas’s immersive installation Clockwise (2016) is comprised of 360 mechanical clocks arranged in a 360° arc mirroring the curvature of the earth. Hanging in a horizontal line across the space, the hands of the clocks are set at precisely measured four-minute intervals, the four-minute divisions adding up to 24 hours, corresponding to the global axis of time. The austere and all-white interior points to the highly abstracted time and space imposed by the homogenous modern life of the never-stopping 24/7 techno capitalism. However, infiltrating into this highly standardized system is the cacophonous multitude of the clicking sounds coming from each individual clock. Such a sensory encounter requires viewers to slow down and spend some time in the space. In this way, Clockwise manages to question the very phenomenon of how a lived temporality shall not be reduced to computational logic.