Ivan Petrokovich

Ivan Petrokovich / b. 1991, Russia / lives and works in Moscow


The 5th Ural Biennial Main Project features the work:
«Exhibits #1–9» (Multimedia installation, 2015/2019)
Courtesy of the artist

In his work, Ivan Petrokovich focuses on phenomenological parameters of the photographic medium and its conceptual possibilities. His work explores themes such as the inherent fallibility of communication methods, the fundamental instability of human existence, and their effects on individual and collective psyches.

Exhibits #1–9 speculates on the interaction between humans and new technologies in urban spaces, and imagines the city electric supply system as a rational computer. In Petrokovich’s view, bugs and glitches in these systems should not simply be perceived as evidence of technical malfunction; instead, they represent a complex pattern of an emergent “will” of the machine. Thus, the work demonstrates a possible scenario of the advent of technological singularity—the emergence of consciousness in the complex artificial systems that can happen under their own control and go completely unnoticed by humanity. Are they the ghosts in the machine?