Kirill Savchenkov

Kirill Savchenkov / b. 1987, Russia / lives and works in Moscow


The 5th Ural Biennial Main Project features the work:
«Ch(K)ris(tin). Close Air Support» (Two-channel sound installation, 2018)
Courtesy of the artist


Kirill Savchenkov’s artistic universe is complex and contradictory. It transforms the usual modes of interaction between people and objects, questions the very basis of human life reshaped by technologies and social media, and explores the relationship between body and politics. Using various media, and referencing both past and present with futuristic promises, the artist creates installations and performances that pinpoint the ruptures of an ever-changing reality.

The installation Ch(K)ris(tin).Close Air Support is a multimedia project that contemplates the notion of conflict through an encounter between three characters across time and space, Kristin Beck and sculptors Vadim Sidur and Henry Moore, whose work provided a starting point for this reflection. The notion of conflict here is multi-layered: war, as the most violent form of conflict experienced by the three characters, gender dysphoria as an internal struggle Kristin Beck lived through during her military engagement, and the conflict between increasingly powerful technologies and the slowly disappearing intimate lives of people against the mess of a globalized media space. These conflicts blur the line between the finite destiny of human as a species and the infinite amount of traces and imprints we have left on our multifaceted world.