Timur Si-Qin

Timur Si-Qin / b.1984, Germany / lives and works in New York


The 5th Ural Biennial Main Project features the work:
«Heaven Is Sick» (Ch’uru 1 Shrine) (sculpture, 2019)
Courtesy of the artist and SOCIÉTÉ, Berlin

Timur Si-Qin’s interests in contemporary philosophy, the evolution of culture, and the dynamics of cognition, take form in branded ecosystems and installations of 3D printed sculptures, light-boxes, and VR. SiQin’s works seek to think beyond the anthropocentric dualisms at the center of Western consciousness. Heaven Is Sick (Ch’uru 1 Shrine) is dedicated to the fragility and resilience of the natural world. It is a shrine in Timur Si-Qin’s long-term project of secular religion for the 21st century called New Peace. Identifying the dual legacy of agricultural society and religion as maladaptive for our contemporary world, New Peace argues for a re-enchantment, where matter becomes the necessary basis for confronting the material problems of our times. Si-Qin’s new series of sculptural works is made from 3D scans of objects and organisms encountered by the artist. In this work, the 3D printed sculpture is made from the scan of a broken river snail shell found by the artist in the Peruvian Amazon. The sculpture is dressed and decorated with the branded aesthetics of New Peace. New Peace is Si-Qin’s attempt to provide humanity with a potential path and personal resources to redefine spirituality in the age of the anthropocene.