1,000 Years Together, A Performance Research Laboratory

Coliseum Cinema (Ekaterinburg, 43 Lenina Ave.)
September 12 — December 1, 2019. The performance auditorium is open every day except Monday, from 12:00 pm, sessions run every two hours

Prior registration is required, seating is limited.

The 5th Ural Industrial Biennial has initiated and runs the project at the intersection of artistic and research practices.

1,000 Years Together transfers academic knowledge in the field of humanities into performative immersive formats. It is based on the research of the main biennial topic — immortality, and includes subjects of social death, of art’s eternal life, of social transformations across four generations.

The main genre here is the theater of instructions.

The working group elaborates instructions on the basis of a draft community study focused on the following questions: how does a person get on in years? does he/she see ways to advance outside family circle? what is missing for ageing to become comfortable? what the world is going to be like for those who retire in 50 years?

A qualitative study at the basis of this performance brings together the millenials and the seniors; different sets of values meet within a single performance; people of different generations interact with each other and find themselves in each other’s contexts.

The result of the Laboratory is a performance at the Coliseum Cinema.

Фото – Дмитрий Ложкин
Фото – Дмитрий Ложкин
Фото – Дмитрий Ложкин
Working Group:

Director — Dmitry Zimin

Playwright — Polina Borodina

Production Designer — Vladimir Kravtsev

Sound Producer — Evgeny Robenko

Technical Support — Alexander Yarusov