Artist-in-Residence Program

Final Exhibition: Ural Optical-Mechanical Plant (33B Vostochnaya St., Ekaterinburg)
September 12 – December 1, 2019

The Artist-in-Residence Program is one of the strategic projects of the 5th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art. It was first introduced at the 2nd Biennial in 2012, and since then, 20 artists from 9 countries hosted by the Program have produced more than 30 art-objects.

Thе Program is focused on fostering interaction between contemporary artists and operational, regional industrial factories. This approach distinguishes our Artist-in-Residence Program from many others around the world. Residencies result in site-specific artworks created for the hosting city or enterprise. Artworks created as part of the Program will be presented at an exhibition, which opens alongside the main project at the Biennial’s main venue – the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant.

Hannah Perry. Study in masculinity
Anika Schwarzlose during the shooting of the 'Unearth' in Kopeysk. Photo – Sergey Poteryaev
Luc Mattenberger. Mind control (bodies)
Krasil Makar. A basket of protoforms outside our window
Katja Schenker. Satka
Naïmé Perrette during the shooting of the 'Both ears on the ground'. Photo – Sergey Poteryaev
Anya Marchenkova. Labour enablement conditions museum
Werker Collective. Werker 2/ A gestural history of the young worker

The Artist-in-Residence Program team and artists have examined the theme of the 5th Ural Industrial Biennial through the duality of ruins. As witnesses of the distant past, ruins continue to exist — they both penetrate time and prevail beyond it. The topic of Immortality has also encouraged the Artist-in-Residence Program team to move beyond their fascination with industriality and extend their interpretation of the surrounding areas. The Ural landscape retains the history of its industrial past in the forms of quarries, dumping grounds, spoil heaps, and ruined, deserted plants.


Kristina Gorlanova

Cecilia Jonsson, Werker Collective, Krasil Makar, Anya Marchenkova, Luc Mattenberger, Naïmé Perrette, Hannah Perry, Anna Titova, Anika Schwarzlose, Katja Schenker


Artyom Antipin, Anna Litovskikh, Nadya Striga