Coliseum cinema (43 Lenin Ave., Ekaterinburg)
October 28 – October 30, 2019

The Forum is a central public event of the Industriality and Culture project, which studies the current experiences of the development of industrial territories be means of cultural practice. The project itself is comprised of four parts: a research study, an archive, a forum, and a laboratory.

The Forum is an open communication space on the topics of industry and culture; it is realized in a format of panel discussions and practical laboratories with participation of Russian and international speakers.

The main program will be devoted to the questions of the development of creative economy in industrial regions, of cultural projects’ influence on the territory, and to the matters of efficiency of existing practices of culture and business cooperation. 

Within the Forum, a special educational session for the participants of the practical platform The Laboratory of Industriality will take place. The participants are 25 representatives of the small cities of the Ural and Perm region, who work with industrial heritage of their territories.


Katya Goldberg