Anya Marchenkova
Labour enablement conditions museum


Any manufacture is a space of potential danger, and often it comes not only from visible sources, such as complex machines or heavy dust, but consists of many invisible factors, the effects of which cannot be avoided. The basis of the Anna Marchenkova project is fixing these factors, presented in the format of a presentation stand, like those at any large industrial exhibitions.

Аня Марченкова во время посещения ГХК "Ультра СИ". Фото - Сергей Потеряев
Сотрудницы центральной измерительной лаборатории замеряют основные физико-химические показатели на автотранспортном предприятии

The exposition of the Museum tells about four physical factors that invisibly affect workers — light, sound, microclimate and radiation. The objects in the exposition refer to the real manufacture — the Uralasbest industrial complex, which produces Ecover, an effective and popular insulation. The final object of the exposition is a huge photograph of a worker: a jeans suit should protect him from possible melting of the fabric when a spark gets in, a special reflective coat should protect from high temperature (about 1000 degrees), as other personal protective equipment such as mittens, a respirator, and headphones. Behind the worker, on the wall there is a greasy stain, the contours of which follow his silhouette. This is a consequence of the heating climate of the production site, when under the influence of heat the human body releases sweat; it reacts with surrounding components, the result of which is such a trace. But knowing this information or being able to explain something does not make this image less intimidating; it seems to show how imperceptible, but steady, can be the influence of some substances, microclimate or vibration, the presence of which we may not even notice.

Project is created with support from JSC Uralasbest.


Anya Marchenkova